Tubulovillous Adenoma

Case of Tubulovillous Adenoma

It is important to understand the difference between tubulovillous adenoma and tubular adenoma as they both differ in their structure. Tubulovillous adenoma is basically a polyp that grows in the colon region of the body but is not confined to only that. It may also grow in the gastrointestinal tract and some other body parts. Another difference between tubulovillous adenoma and tubular adenoma is that TVAs have higher chances of turning malignant from benign in comparison to TBAs. A tubulovillous adenoma also starts as a benign tumor and mostly affects the colon region and the breasts.

Tubular Adenoma
Tubular Adenoma

Cancerous Tubulovillous Adenoma Polyp

Tubulovillous adenoma polyp is considered as benign in the earlier stages, but as time passes it can turn malignant and such a polyp is known as Cancerous tubulovillous adenoma polyp. The structure of the tubulovillous adenoma plays a vital role in determining whether the polyp will turn cancerous or not. The three most common types of adenomas are tubular adenoma, villous adenomas and tubulovillous adenoma. Tubular adenoma is detected via colonoscopy and is easy to detect as a tube like structure proves its presence. Villous adenomas differ from tubular adenomas as they have a frill like shape and tend to cover large surface areas as compared to TBAs. The final type of adenoma is known as the tubulovillous adenoma and it is basically a combination or mixture of both tubular and villous adenomas. Due to the presence of both tubes and frills in case of TVAs, the surface area covered by them is much more than tubular or villous adenomas, hence leading to a high risk of getting cancerous. It is extremely important that it gets detected at the earliest, so that it may be prevented from turning malignant with the help of proper medication.

Tubulovillous Adenoma Treatment

Tubulovillous adenoma treatment is of extreme importance as we cannot take the risk of tubulovillous adenoma turning cancerous. So it is suggested that a patient must undergo proper medical tests and checkups in order to detect its presence. Mostly TVAs occur in the colon, so in most of the case colonoscopy is enough to detect it. Colonoscopy not only detects the presence of tubulovillous adenoma, but also removes the polyp from the colon. The polyp is then examined in order to detect whether it is cancerous or not.